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It’s important that members have a complete uniform if you are going out to compete. In particular, the formal uniform is encouraged in dressage competitions, whilst either uniform may be worn for show jumping and cross country competitions.

On rally days, the casual uniform is to be worn with beige/cream/banana/white/black or navy jodhpurs. 

All riders must wear a body protector when on cross country and we encourage riders to wear one whilst showjumping. These can be purchased at your local saddlery. 

For more information on the Pony Club uniform rules please visit the below link.


Uniform items may be purchased through the club on rally days. For any special requests, outside of rally, please contact our Uniform coordinator, Fiona Heseltine. 

Pony Club Uniform
Pony Club uniform
Pony Club Uniform

Formal Uniform

Wollen Teal Jumper

Red Tie

White Shirt ( to be purchased outside of club)

Casual Uniform

Polo Shirt

Water Proof Jacket

Rugby Jumper

Polar Fleece Jumper

Zip through Vest

Club Merchandise



YHPC Woollen Saddle Blanket

YHPC Cotton Saddle Blanket


Grounds Key 

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